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Trade Approved Scales and Balances Class II and Class III



  • ClassII Jewellery and Gold Scales

    Gold Balance our Gold and Jewelery Scales and Balance are EC Class II Approved and Trading Standards Approved for buying or selling gold silver and precious metals. When purchasing a jewellery balance or gold scale you must be sure that it is Class II verified. The scale or balance will also be Verified as Trade Approved to the postcode and geo location where it is to be used. If you intend using your gold or jewellery scale in different geo locations or areas outside that postcode, you will require a balance with an internal calibration facility. Class II scales and balances with internal calibration can be used anywhere and the geographical location changed at each site with a push of a button. All our extensive range of Trade Approved scales and balances are price inclusive of verification

  • Trade Approved Counting Scales

    A range of dedicated Counting Scales scales with counting functions and money checking scales

  • Trade Approved Bench Scales

    Larger platform scales suitable for trade purposes

  • Wash Down Scales

    Series of Scales rated for use in wet environments

  • Price Computing Retail Scales

    Price Computing Scales, Retail Scales from OHaus, Adam Equipment and Avery Berkel. Trading Standards Approved Retail Price Computing scales are specifically designed for all kinds or retail environments such as: Greengrocers, Butchers, Delicatessens, Confectioners, Fishmongers. Scales used in these locations are verified for trade use and carry the M logo. We have a range of scales suited to various uses such as butchers scales; vegetable scales; fresh fish scales; confectionary sweets scales; delicatessen scales. All the scales in this category have a price computing facility, simply key in the unit price per kilo place the item on the scale and both the shopkeeper and customer will see the weight and price on two separate screens. Displays for the user are below the weight plate customer displays can be on the back of the scale or raised above on a pole. Scoops and Fish trays are available at extra cost ie. vegetable scoop; fish scoop; sweet scoop or flat plate

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